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La Luz Light Monthly Newsletter: May 2017

Vol 1. Iss. 2:  May 2017
I am so excited to offer my second newsletter from La Luz Therapy, and over the moon that you have come back for more!  I am humbled and grateful for your interest and this medium that allows instant and easy sharing of information and musings. As with the first issue, I will continue with the seven sections representing the seven chakras and how we can keep them balanced and energized for our highest good. What has changed however, is that rather than one long newsletter of 3000 words, I have split them into seven sections (see links below) so that you can read as separate mini blogs.  I may love writing endlessly, but not everyone enjoys endless text. Additionally, changing up the design of the  La Luz Light page to make it easier to find articles of interest was something that was overdue.  So, as I promised, I am tweaking my offering to you as we go along this journey together. 

As I grow on my own spiritual journey, I realize something new about me every da…

La Luz Light Newsletter May 2017: Cosmic Trends

Cosmic Trends: Sensing the Energies That Support Us (Third-Eye Chakra) The Rooster is dominating 2017 energies with its “get going early” mantra since it arrived on January 20th.  In addition to that, we are in a Number 1 vibrational year (2017 adds up to 1 for new beginnings - see my post from January.). So, as we just left fiery Aries which brought us courage and empowerment to act on what needs to be done on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and hard-working Taurus arriving on April 20th, we all have the cosmos conspiring for us to “get things done!!” Spring cleaning your physical environment while spring cleansing your body and spirit are up front and center.  Hard working Taurus is adding it’s “never stop ’til it’s done” attitude and makes way for talkative and resourceful Gemini to begin it’s visit on May 20th.
As we are still basking in the energies of the New Moon of April 26th when it fell in Taurus, it is bringing a brand new energy typical of the sign.  T…

La Luz Light Newsletter May 2017: Affirmations

AFFIRMATIONS: The Thoughts, Words and Actions Connection (Throat Chakra)Keeping your throat chakra balanced and energized may seem simple enough to do but most trip up or dance around saying what is truly on their mind for fear of judgment, or worse, reprisal.  “Sticking your foot in your mouth” has often been a tag line for those who dare speak their truth but somehow fumble about choosing the most effective words. 

Another great example of working on your throat chakra is knowing when and how to say NO. If saying yes over and over again, against your own better judgment and gut instincts will only weaken the throat and neck area. Conversely, strain in your neck and shoulders could result from the feelings of guilt when you do say NO as well as from repeatedly not listening to sound advice. 

Having others respect your boundaries by verbally outlining where these lines are, is essential to a healthy throat chakra which anatomically includes, the larynx, the thyroid, mouth, shoulders, ne…

La Luz Light Newsletter, May 2017: Spiritual Musings

SPIRITUAL MUSINGS: Connecting to Divine Energy (Crown Chakra)Clients ask me, “I feel like there’s something missing in my life, but don’t know what it is”.  Deepening spirituality is on the rise.  What does that mean?  Events in our local communities to world-wide retreats, endless articles, and inspirational thoughts on spirituality have become a daily occurrence and for some, simply overwhelming.  Photos of beaches and mountain tops calling out your name to go and explore your inner calling appear on every social media news-feed leaving some lost and confused…but engaged nonetheless. But why the dichotomy? This is what is called an awakening.  If you are on the outside looking in, you many be intrigued, curious and fearful all at the same time about investigating further. If you have traveled this road for a while, like I have, it is up to us to reach out our hearts and offer some simple guidance to help them navigate these uncharted waters which is unique to them.
We are more than j…

La Luz Light Newsletter, May 2017: Adopt a New Habit You Love

ADOPT A NEW HABIT YOU LOVE: Working with Love Energies (Heart Chakra)
As we briefly examined the heart chakra in the last newsletter, we underlined the importance and impact practicing self-love would have on our self-preservation.  When we consistently say YES when we really mean NO it not only affects the health of our throat chakra, but our heart chakra as well.  The body’s energies are weakened when you are not in alignment with your thoughts, speech and actions. Continuing this practice of placing others before you, creates sadness and a heaviness in your chest that will ultimately affect the physical organs in this space; namely, your heart and lungs. Energetically your body knows it’s suffering but you won’t notice it until it is manifested in the physical. It’s worth repeating once again this month!
Last month we talked about steps to create a habit of loving yourself through various means like workshops dedicated to the subject, including work that would raise your self worth…

La Luz Light Newsletter May 2017: Books that Inspire

BOOKS THAT INSPIRE: Empowering Yourself (Solar Plexus Chakra)
As you learned last month, I love books!  Sharing with you some of my favourites to help inspire you to action, or to more self love, or lead you to write your own, is very important to me. When I get a tidbit of information, I just can’t wait to share it with friends, family and yes, everyone on social media.  The easiest and fastest way to deliver information is clearly though this medium and I take every opportunity to use it.  I am like a little kid, always in awe of new and exciting information.  I must have been the town crier in a previous life!
Empowerment, self-esteem and courage are just a few of the attributes that sit in the solar plexus. By reading books of many genres, opens the door to imagining  what is possible, or considering if you find yourself at a crossroads.
My choices this month include the following eye-opening, heart-stopping, and awe-inspiring reads that will leave you changed in one way or another.

La Luz Light Newsletter May 2017: Release Your Inner Creator

RELEASE YOUR INNER ARTIST: Creating Your Life from the Inside Out (Sacral Chakra)
Last month we touched on the subject that we are all creators, and manifesting a life we desire is in our control. This is a concept that for many is very difficult to grasp. Feeling that you have no control over your life leads to depression, substance abuse, destructive emotions and more. Understanding that you are always in control by simply examining the situation from a distance will bring you closer to reversing some of these negative reactions. 

I believe that there is a solution for everything if we examine it from all angles. Have your hissy-fit if it makes you feel better that you didn't get that job, or the guy or the girl. God knows, I've had my share.  Honor your feelings.  Love what comes up.  What?  Yes!  If you haven't heard that term before, loving whatever occurs in your life is step one to examining, accepting,  re-routing, re-charting and moving forward. There is a lesson in…

La Luz Light May 2017 Newsletter: Foods that Heal

FOODS THAT HEAL - Nourishing and Grounding your Body and Spirit (Root Chakra)
Root chakra is all about survival, security and grounding.  Our survival relies not only on mental, emotional and spiritual fuel, but physical fuel to keep our bodies functioning optimally to allow us to fulfill our soul’s mission.  A nourished body is a strong body in every way.  It moves in ways we want it to move, without resistant despite our age.  Keeping the best possible fresh produce and organic meats and fish at arm's reach will prevent cravings as well as grabbing processed food for convenience sake. Ideally, fresh produce should be purchased daily but in country's like Canada we rely on flash frozen produce during the long winter months, whether your own or from local farmers. Nothing would make me happier than to walk to my back yard and pick my morning mango straight from the tree and then for lunch, pull some lettuce, and other great veggies from the patch - all year round.

In the meantim…