Happy and Sweet '16

With the dawning of a new year, and refusing to call this a new year's resolution, I chose to use this medium to hold myself accountable for what I think my life's purpose might be. Some people know what they are meant to do from the get-go, but some, like me, well we took the long scenic route to reach this place.  I'm not bitter for the length of time it took me to get here, as clearly, I had a lot to learn, but I do feel a sense of urgency to get "things" done. These "things" are all ad lib....they come, they go, they come through me, they fall on my head like a brick....but they do come and I'm here to record it all so if you find the smallest crumb that resonates with you and helps you feel connected - well then, my job is done!

My goal for this New and Sweet '16 is to throw out the notion of a new year's resolution and to encourage us all to embrace the possibility that we are meant to do what we do for a reason - especially if these lessons keep coming back. The first tip is to be kind to yourself! Don't make outrageous commitments and don't compare your life to anyone else.  What may work for others may not work for you. Your body type, your culture, your life experiences, where you live, how you live all make you unique....there is no "one size fits all" program to help you find your way - if you are looking that is.

At the risk of echoing Oprah, writing in a journal daily - not on a computer, but the old-fashioned pen to paper variety, can result in cathartic experiences. How you ask?  When you write out what is in your mind and sitting hard in your heart, and being totally honest of course, is what we refer to as "brain dumping" to make way for lighter thoughts and feelings.  Overtime, measurable improvements can be achieved setting you on your path to wellness. You can choose to save your journals or if you need a more dramatic end to old ways, burn them - responsibly of course.  

Adult coloring books are a new way to help you focus on one thing at a time, and guess what? That's what we call meditating!!  The activity you choose towards achieving your idea of wellness does not have to be arduous or boring.  Achieving whole body, mind and spirit wellness has always been an inside job - so get in there and have some fun!! 

You will rarely achieve sustained joy from shopping sprees, fast cars, or living in ivory towers if you are not happy or don't feel loved without them. It only shows that you can afford luxury but the one luxury without a price tag and that you cannot truly live happily without, is inner wellness. Money is energy as it works as an exchange for goods and services so it's not a bad thing - but quite the opposite in fact.  It is the intention and desired response behind its use that can carry negative or low frequency energies. The bottom line is feel good about who you are, what you do, how you do it and who you do it with.

There are many ways to make small improvements in your life if you are looking to make sustainable changes this year. Forget the gym membership - go for a walk - everyday! Forget giving up the sugars, the fats, the carbs on New Year's day and beyond - that won't work. Just commit to eating more fruits and vegetables, so try one new organic fruit or vegetable a week. Soon your taste buds will change on their own and your body will naturally crave better foods. 

Do you really want to stop smoking....again - then get some professional help this time. 

Do you want to meet new people? Make a plan to regularly visit a new cafe or restaurant in your neighbourhood and get to know the people who work there or the regulars. Start or join a club that shares your interests. Network! Network! Network! It's not only for people in business! Before you know it, you will have new people in your life or business that can make it that much more enjoyable.

Forget the pressure to be thinner, faster, prettier, hunkier - and just commit to being kinder and gentler with yourself and with those in your life. Flash a kind smile to at least one stranger a day  - they may need it more than you know. 

Relax more, sleep more, soak in that big old tub more, dance more, sing out loud more, make friends with your cat, or with your neighbour's dog, pay for someone's grocery bill once a year....be that "wild and crazy guy" people will talk about and then suddenly, those same people are doing the same thing as you! Go figure - the ripple effect really does work! It just feels good!! Just make  little changes that over time will amount to big changes. Yes you've heard it all before and launched your usual smirk at those do-gooder memes but, you know what, they're all true!