Messages from.......

This morning, as usual, I pulled back the drapes over the patio doors in my bedroom - yes I am blessed to have a small deck leading off of my bedroom facing east.  I regularly imagine that the row of houses in front of me to be the clear blue ocean, and beyond where the railroad tracks run, is the road that can take me anywhere!

Since our recent snow fall, every time I move the curtains, I am hit by the glare of the brilliant white mound that rests softly on the wooden deck. As I brush the sleep from my eyes and refocus my attention, my eyes fall upon a dark spot in the snow. I move in closer against the glass to examine it and notice a familiar shape. 

Nature is wondrous and beautiful, and she gives us gifts everyday - if we take a moment out of our hurried lives to witness them all.  Although there are surely scientific explanations on various phenomena that we witness through our senses every day, I also believe that we experience life from our distinct perspective, beliefs and experiences.

If for just a moment, we consider that the Universe, God, Infinite Wisdom - whatever you wish to call the higher power - and there is one, might be sending you a message to lessen your worries, encourage your journey, and lift your heart - how would you feel?  Would you, for just one moment, let go of frustration, worry and pain to feel just one moment of bliss? You can and you should, as one moment of feeling peace in your heart and mind, and relief in your body is the first step to infinite bliss.

See, hear, smell, touch and taste the little "messages" that come to you everyday, and surrender - even if  just for one moment.

In love and light, and complete surrender