Messages from My Past

               It was a cold day in November 2012.  I was intrigued and didn’t know what to expect but I did it anyway. Past life regression is not for everyone although everyone should try it at least once before ruling it out completely when seeking soul-related answers.
It was a time in my life when questions about my existence and my purpose were bombarding me at a ridiculous rate. I had just been attuned to Reiki 1 in preparation for the big shift that was coming December 21st – as the ancient Mayans had predicted.  I was consumed with seeking answers and I wanted them now! A long time ago I heard the phrase, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. I thought, at the time, “Well, what does this mean”??  Suddenly, and as swiftly as lightening can strike, many events in my life started to become crystal clear as to why they occurred and who my “teachers” had been. And so my journey began.

I walked up to the small house and the sweetest lady, not very tall, wearing a large burgundy cardigan that had seen better days, greeted me with the biggest smile.  Her little round glasses sat on the edge of her nose where the most piercing of blue eyes twinkled through. Her Eastern European accent was obvious when she greeted me and asked me to come in from the cold!  Ok, not so bad so far…I can do this! After a warm hug exchange with this lovely stranger, I walked into the quaint parlor where 6 other people were seated on various mismatched chairs.  Big smiles were shared all around from people who appeared very relaxed yet it was possible to detect a tinge of excitement shining through their eyes. They’ve done this before.

We all shared a small cup of herbal tea and biscuits while we exchanged names and the reasons that brought us to this place. All varying in ages from late 20s to perhaps late 60s, men and women alike, their stories were diverse and relatable.  The group that gathered that night were regulars but they made this newbie feel right at home.  We shared a few laughs before we settled comfortably into our chairs, with lights dimmed and candles flickering gently. We were ready to begin.

The sweet lady began to speak with a gentle yet hypnotic-like rhythm.  Before too much time had elapsed, although I can’t say for sure how long, I fell into a semi-trance like state yet fully aware. Time in this place was irrelevant and immeasurable.  Her voice kept the rhythm at an even pace while she began to describe in details where we had landed.  Once she would let us go and became silent, everyone’s experience would be different. Here is my story.

She led us to a clearing in the thickly wooded space. A dark weathered door appeared before me with a black iron latch and matching ring knocker.  She said the knocker would not get us a response, so we were to use the loosened latch on the door. Once I opened the door I was blinded by the brightness of the sunlight – white, pure and warm.  Before my eyes could adjust, my ears were filled with what appeared to be cheering fans at a rock concert. My body shook from the vibrations and when my eyes finally adjusted, I saw the back of a glittering golden cape that swept the floor as this person walked by.  This cape covered a glittering dress with muted colors and dazzling gems.  I caught a glimpse of her face: she glowed.  Her golden but simple crown sat firmly on her raven hair that was long and moved gently like ocean waves with every step she took. I sensed the time of King Arthur’s Camelot.  She moved slowly up this narrow path flanked with adoring fans all dressed in white robes from the time of ancient Rome or Greece, or perhaps Atlantis.  The time and place had become less clear based on the attire. 

She moved gently from side to side to touch as many people as she could as they seemed to yell out the name “Lydia”. When she turned towards my direction, her beauty and most particularly her soulful eyes struck me.  Her gentleness with the people was heartwarming and her smile gleaming with love.  As I continued to watch her walk up the narrow path I noticed that many of the people dressed in white were in one form or another nursing an ailment.  Many were using crutches and canes, some were bandaged and some appeared blind and others deaf.  The people who came to see her were from all stages of life and despite what they were nursing that day, her presence lifted their hearts and for a while they felt nothing but love.

Once she arrived at a little mound in the large open field, with her hands raised high she began to sing.  The moment her voice filled the air you could see the actual vibrations ripple through the atmosphere and everyone rejoiced and swayed from side to side. She sang song after song, after song, while the vibrations were reaching out to touch as many people as they could reach.  She created a dome of healing vibrations around everyone.  No one was left untouched.  Seemingly, day turned into night 3 times until she was able to touch and help all of the people who came to see her.

At this point the sweet lady’s voice gently interrupted the journey to give us instructions.  She asked us to virtually place the person that we saw in our regressed memories to our right and our present day self to our left.  She then asked us to move them directly in front of us so they can fuse into one.

Lydia came to me and took my hands firmly in hers.  They were warm, gentle and very soft. She looked at me with her dark sparkling but gentle eyes and told me that I must heal with my voice, my heart and my hands. She held me close to her and I could feel her warmth through her beautiful garments.  I felt safe and reassured, and then she joined with my spirit through my throat, and that signaled to me that I needed to heal my throat chakra so that I can begin my own healing process.

We were gently brought back to the door and retraced our initial steps.  We had now returned to the present where we were all sitting in those mismatched chairs.  I remember my stomach shivering, and then I became ice cold. She told me that it was normal as there had been a shift in energy and that the sensation would soon disappear.  She was right. At the start of the group session, we were all given little blank paged booklets where we could write our experience, and I noticed everyone scribbling feverishly so not to forget a thing.    After writing about my experience, I began to feel like myself again although the tears streaming down my face were unstoppable. I felt a wad of tissues being pushed into my hands. They all understood. There was no judgment here…only support!   

I felt extremely moved by “Lydia” and the profoundness of her message. I somehow had an instant ‘knowing’ of who “Lydia” was, what she was doing and what she finally shared with me. Everything I experienced beyond the door, suddenly became familiar and some questions were answered, if I dared believe in the experience.  After my difficult last years of marriage and ultimate divorce, the one thing I loved the most, to sing, had been shut down. The one who had discovered and encouraged my singing voice, was also the one who silenced it.  “Lydia” highlighted to me that it was the key to my life’s purpose.  It is there that I would find my way while shining a light on the path for others.  My throat chakra clearly needed work and it wasn’t until my Reiki 7 attunement in 2013 that the blockages in my throat chakra began to crack. 

Since this experience, and several others in between, I finally acknowledged and accepted the gifts I received, and that they were given to me for a reason. Reiki Grandmastership in 2015 opened my heart more than I could have imagined.  It has allowed me to answer many of the questions I believed to be unanswerable. As I approach the end of 2016, known to be a 9 year in numerology signifying endings, I am gently letting go of ego-based fears - and all that no longer serves the rest of my journey, while I begin to lead with my heart and soul.  I have always had a need to be in control but I have finally realized that it is to my own detriment.  As 2017 looms over the horizon, I embrace the “1” year of beginnings with an open heart and let my own God-given gifts to take the lead.  To not use them, would be wasteful. To allow my fears to take hold of my spiritual path would be equal to giving up. To not help shine a light on the path for others would be uncharitable.  

Four years after the initial measureable steps taken towards awakening, I have never stopped thinking about Lydia, and all I have done since. Everyone’s journey is different and time does not matter. What does matter is how you use the time you have. Be pro-active in the unfolding and unveiling of your soul.


  1. Gosh how very open of you to share this. I have a feeling I have past lives but am.not sure how I feel about discovering then. Do you recommend this for everyone or for a select group of people...? Is it appropriate for all?


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