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La Luz Light Monthly Newsletter April 2017

Vol. 1  Iss. 1:  April 1, 2017 With the arrival of Spring on March 20th, came inspiration and a push to action.  This is my attempt to share experiences and knowledge, some useful and some perhaps just fluff to lend some levity to our current spiritual aches, pains and ponderings.  I don't consider myself an expert but a student of life with a desire to share my own personal experiences that may resonate with some of you. Everyone's journey is unique but one can always find that common thread that connects us all and it is that particular thread that I send out to you. Who am I?  I am a mom, a former dancer, and recording artist of children's music and tales, and former stage performer. I am a website content writer, a blogger and a university grad. I am a Reiki Grandmaster, and I now use my singing abilities to lead meditation circles. I am an avid reader and enjoy astrology, numerology and all other things metaphysical. I work very hard at eating right and