La Luz Light Monthly Newsletter April 2017

Vol. 1  Iss. 1:  April 1, 2017

With the arrival of Spring on March 20th, came inspiration and a push to action.  This is my attempt to share experiences and knowledge, some useful and some perhaps just fluff to lend some levity to our current spiritual aches, pains and ponderings.  I don't consider myself an expert but a student of life with a desire to share my own personal experiences that may resonate with some of you. Everyone's journey is unique but one can always find that common thread that connects us all and it is that particular thread that I send out to you.

Who am I?  I am a mom, a former dancer, and recording artist of children's music and tales, and former stage performer. I am a website content writer, a blogger and a university grad. I am a Reiki Grandmaster, and I now use my singing abilities to lead meditation circles. I am an avid reader and enjoy astrology, numerology and all other things metaphysical. I work very hard at eating right and exercising regularly, and will share some of my favorites. I enjoy watching people have "aha" moments revealing hidden truths . When I lead my guided meditation circles, I love to see growth which, at times, doesn't come easily.  I am kind and gentle with hearts and souls who wish to grow and achieve the peace, strength and life's purpose they seek. I have recently taken early retirement and find myself now dedicating most of my time in serving my spiritually-conscious community.

I hope to build a community of readers who will find this educational, inspiring, and comforting.  I hope to reveal new perspectives that in their little way could potentially encourage you to look at things differently that could cause that little shift you needed. I look forward to engaging with you through your comments here, or on my website at La Luz Therapy.  On to the Newsletter.

Spiritual Musings 

In this inaugural edition of the La Luz Therapy Newsletter, I would like to begin by saying this all came about while sitting in a few moments of silence.  Indeed, rather than forcing things to come about, I sat in meditation with an intention for signs on how I could better serve my community. I am known by my family and friends as an “information junkie” and seem to have an answer for, almost, anything!  My head is always filled with tidbits of information - some useless, but, oh, some are very relevant and current, and always worth sharing.

I struggled for a little while on how I could present some of the useful information that roams the corridors of my brain.  My two goals included that it not be a string of endless ramblings, and that visitors could pick and choose their topic of interest.  So, more quiet time to relax and let the ideas reveal themselves, and it came to me to design seven sections all connected to each of our main chakras. With certain energies assigned to each of the chakras, I developed what you see here.  There may be some tweaks along the way but for now here is my offering.

The point you can take away from this section, the Crown Chakra where we make our connection to the Source, is that having a regular connection to Divine wisdom can create a fertile space for inspiration and grace.  Make meditation a regular habit.  It can be any activity that allows you to focus on the moment at hand, like reading, yoga, walking and observing nature, knitting, sewing, coloring mandalas, cooking, or similar activities.

Weekly group meditations will carry a unique energy level which can help boost your daily practice.  If this calls to you, join us in our weekly Reiki-Infused Channeled-Singing Guided Meditation

 It’s Spring!  Plant some seeds you want to see grow in your garden of life!!

Cosmic Trends

The third eye chakra allows us to access an inner wisdom that comes to us through reflection, contemplation and meditation.  Our intuition is activated while connecting to Divine, spiritual and cosmic truths. Our third eye chakra reveals what the human eye does not see and is considered to be the Seat of Wisdom. 

Just a couple of weeks following the Spring Equinox on March 20th - as well as being the first day of the astrological year with fiery Aries starting things off, April is rigged to be fierce with inspired action and filled to the brim with opportunity, if you are open to “seeing” them!

Tuning in to even just a couple of astrological trends each month can help you deal with the energies while tapping into the qualities of the 2 signs that live in each month.  Aries is a fierce fire sign ruled by Mars until Taurus (that would be me!), ruled by lovable Venus, steps up to the plate on April 21st with its warm earthy properties and notorious stubbornness or what I like to call, determination. The two energies are very supportive for stepping up to sustained action.  Now is the best time to adopt the energies of assertive Aries and hard-working Taurus to get your projects off the ground!

Trust your intuition before making decisions by regularly tapping in to Divine wisdom, and watch the magic unfold in your third eye chakra!  Stay tuned for next month’s energies and how they can work for you….no matter what your zodiac sign is.  If you would like a FREE color astrological birth chart wheel to learn more details about your placements, visit Astrolabe.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday to all of you Aries and Taurus born in April! 


The throat chakra is known as the energetic center of communication. The throat, mouth and ears are all playing key roles in how well this chakra is operating. Have you ever noticed how you speak – loud or soft, what you say – negative or positive words, or how well you listen to others and read past their words? With that in mind, repeating affirmations or mantras that help you to stay positive and focused can prove to be as important as your three meals a day!

Since the release of The Secret, the law of attraction has created a shift in thinking, whether you buy into it or no.  In its simplest definition, the law of attraction states that what you often think of, you will manifest into reality.  If this were true, then keeping positive thoughts, words and deeds are the foundation upon which you can build your own Nirvana. Too simple for you? Perhaps we are all making it more difficult than it needs to be.  If you think positive thoughts, regardless of your situation, it becomes a form of control over your perceived lot in life. By regularly visualizing and believing what you desire is achievable, your situation can dramatically change. In other words, you can feel bitter about your situation by focusing on it, or feel better by choosing to think it is already resolved.

If you’re new to all of this, try Zen Thinking for 20 Morning Affirmations.  Choose a favourite or two and post them where you will see them each day, like your fridge door, your bathroom mirror, or in your car.

We will feature a new list of affirmations and mantras each month, so stay tuned for some interesting tips and tricks to keep positive thoughts.  

Adopt a New Habit You Love 

Energetically, the heart chakra holds our ability to love ourselves and others, give and receive love, see and feel beauty, and to be empathetic and compassionate. The health of this chakra has also detrimental consequences if one is unable to achieve any of these emotions with any success. Deep sadness, disappointments and lack of self love could potentially affect the health of your physical heart and lungs, the anatomical position of where this chakra resides.

First Habit: Love yourself! Culture or conditioning can sometimes make this impossible.  There is a reason why there are so many different “therapies” or workshops that assist people who are unable to make themselves a priority.  Such things as Mirror Work where you repeat into a mirror kind words to yourself to help build self-esteem can be very difficult for some. When one can accomplish loving themselves, everything in life becomes super easy to achieve.  It not only helps build self esteem but it most importantly shows others how you wish to be treated.

How:  Join a club with like-minded people, start taking yoga classes, or perhaps martial arts training.  Create your own private space in your home that you can claim whenever you need to re-connect with your breath.  Start a creative project or re-kindle an old skill you haven’t done since high school. Take a rest when you’re tired instead of giving up on a dream. Treat yourself as you treat others because you are deserving of the same love. 

Check in next month with some ideas to help get you on track …and stay on track to self-love and other juicy habits you should adopt.

Books That Inspire 

The Solar Plexus chakra resonates with empowerment, confidence, willpower and when in balance, it allows your self-esteem to flourish, to meet challenges and puts you into a state of action. Books can easily empower you when you become filled with new knowledge, new theories, new experiences, new insights. Knowledge is Power!  Never miss an opportunity to add to your power toolbox!

I love book fairs and used bookstores.  Thanks to many donations all year long, McGill University annually holds a 3-day Book Fair benefiting several scholarships for needy students.  Over my many years working at McGill, I never missed the October event held on three floors of the Redpath Library which includes old recordings, first editions, vintage, children’s books, fiction, reference books etc. Follow the hyperlink above and take note of October 17-19, 2017! Nova Thrift Store in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue also has a great collection in their used books section. Everything is $1.

My personal library consists of over 350 books.  I often dream of bookshelves to the ceiling with a ladder on rails to swing from to get my pick! They include reference books, fiction, non-fiction, classic literature, recipe books and of course many spiritually-based books.  In this digital-age, you might wonder why would I give up so much real-estate in my home to books, instead of using a digital reader.  Well, the answer is simple.  Firstly, I am old school, and as much as I love technology and all the ease it provides us to communicate and absorb information, there is nothing better than sitting comfortably holding an actual book and turning the pages.  I love that feeling when I glance at a book on one of my shelves and remember how it helped me understand the futility of fear, or the possibility of love, or re-live the drama around characters I came to care for in a small town in Ireland.

Books are intended to educate, enlighten, inspire, and make you emotional! You would think that the hard part is filtering through all the authors who are writing about spirituality or self-development. Ideally, it is important that we read as many different authors to get various perspectives and theories on how we can open our minds and our hearts. You won’t connect with all of them…but that’s the point.  Learn what resonates with you and why. 

This month I would like to introduce three books that may have gone unseen from the vast sea of spiritually-based authors.

Being in Balance by Wayne Dyer is a book about 3 by 5 inches and describes in easy to read and understand the “9 Principles of Creating Habits to Match Your Desires” (this is perfectly inline with our first topic).  This is the perfect book to keep close to your bed and open randomly to any page or tuck in your briefcase for a quick read before a
meeting or commute. Dyer explains that we must adopt certain habits and steps which will help us in achieving our goals. Like phases in nature, we need to allow the time to nourish in order to harvest and then in turn, to sleep until its time to sow our next steps.

When I Loved Myself Enough by Kim McMillen is another “little” book you can tuck anywhere and read when you need to remind yourself of why you are worthy of self love! It should be required reading for everyone! This book is designed as 81 single sided hand written pieces of wisdom you can easily pick randomly to remind yourself why you are enough! The author wrote these to share with her family and friends until she passed to spirit.  Her daughter thought that these tidbits of wisdom needed to be shared with the world and before long, after word of mouth it became the little bestseller it is today helping people realize that they are enough and that self-reliance and self-love will always exalt you. 

If you enjoy a riveting story line while learning about spiritual mysteries, I recommend The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.  Published in 1993, it tells of one man’s adventure through the rainforests of Peru where an ancient manuscript is discovered and so the quest begins to find its 9 hidden truths. I am certain that this book will give you chills and make you feel despair for the traveler, all the while giving you glimpses of hope for him and for humanity.  The author followed his book with the Celestine Vision, The Tenth Insight, The Twelfth Insight and The Secret of Shambalah where the adventures continue into deeper Spiritual Awareness.

Watch for next month's reading list!!

Release Your Inner Artist 

The sacral chakra is the center of creative realization, emotions, courage and fear, and child-like joy!  You know when you say, “I have a gut feeling about…” well this is where it comes from.

The inspirations we receive are typically manifested through this chakra so what better way to work with this center than to get creative. In women, this is the physical birthing center of new life, but for everyone, energetically it is where our inspirations come to be born.  We can all give “birth” to ideas, projects, books, songs etc. so what do you want to give birth to? You could connect with the end-result of a desired outcome as though it has already come to be by using the principles of the law of attraction!

Regularly getting in touch with your left-brain functions, if you are not already an artist, helps create balance in your life. Artists, conversely, may suffer from the dread of being judged, are highly self-critical, and struggle to earn a living from their work as they feel less than worthy: all sacral energy imbalances.  Taking time out – as little as you can spare, to write in a journal about daily fun musings, or perhaps using the new adult coloring books that are flooding the bookstores, are activities to get you started. 

If you dare, workshops to indulge your inner singer, dancer, painter, sculptor, ceramic-maker, knitter, chef or wine-maker. Today, these types of activities are easy to find as people are beginning to understand the importance of balance.  Feeding your inner-child when play was all there was will help you re-connect with the joy you may have lost as a grown up.  

"Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up" - Pablo Picasso

Stay tuned next month when we investigate further how to continue to balance and empower this chakra.

Foods That Heal

Root chakra is all about survival, security and grounding.  Our survival relies not only on mental, emotional and spiritual fuel, but physical fuel to keep our bodies functioning optimally to allow us to fulfill our soul’s mission.

Food is fuel however, until it’s not!

Studies show that weight gain and disease have been so closely connected to poor dietary habits as well as from toxins that now appear in our foods for preservation purposes.  

Despite the evolution, growth and success of fast food chains since the 1950s, and the use of pesticides on fruits and vegetables, and antibiotics in our meat sources, I am optimistic that people are beginning to make better food decisions because their lives depend on it.  Many tout veganism and vegetarianism to be the best way to a healthy life! While others just ensure they are including less processed and more fresh food in their early attempts to improved quality of life.

(Disclaimer: I am not a medical or nutritional professional.
All information provided comes from reliable texts and personal experience)

In our Alphabet Series of Foods that Heal section, we will briefly review foods, herbs, plants from A to Z – that are good for you! In future editions, we will explore various herbs and spices that are essential for great health, as well as how to live a full life with symptoms from such diseases as asthma, arthritis, and  eczema by adopting a holistic lifestyle. 

So, let’s begin with “A”!

Aloe Vera:  I just love my Aloe Vera plant.  The more I cut from it, the more it grows its luscious thick leaves of gooey goodness.  Besides adding a beautiful touch of green to my environment, it has extraordinary health benefits.  Just last night my son came home from his barrista job with a scalding red patch on his hand from a mishap with hot steam. I instantly cut one of the leaves, cut the prickly edges and filleted off the top hard exterior to expose the flesh.  I gently scraped off the flesh, cut into squares, and placed into a clean jar.  He has enough for a few days to spread across the burn for instant and sustained relief!  Taken internally, Aloe Vera juice is known to calm stomach upset and ulcers, and is known to have moisturizing and anti-aging benefits for your skin! If your Aloe Vera plant is growing very quickly, you can cut a leaf very close to the stem, and follow the steps above to freeze in your ice cube trays.  What a relief icy cold aloe will be after a cooking incident!

Apples:An apple a day keeps the doctor away” was, and still is a little rhyme that is packed full of truths!  Apples are high in fiber that helps lower bad cholesterol (LDL), and are chock-full of phytochemicals that make them the ideal healthy snack, low in calories and extra high in nutrients.  They come in many varieties – some very sweet and some extra tart.  Some are ideal for baking while others have that great crunch and juiciness combination making them irresistible to munch on. Keep the skin on for that extra punch of antioxidants your body needs to reduce risks of heart disease, cancer and so many other illnesses.

Artichokes: A delicacy and high in nutrition, the artichoke is a lesser known vegetable that if you haven’t already tried it, you should!  It is a great source of folate, vitamin C and potassium, low in calories, high in fibre and is known to improve liver function! Steamed gently after removing the outer leaves and cutting in half, this vegetable can be served hot or cold with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice. Growing up, we ate these all the time. I enjoyed pulling away each leaf and scraping off the inner flesh with my bottom teeth and once I got to the center, at times my mom would stuff them with a bread crumb mixture like a turkey stuffing filled with nuts and dried fruits! You must try these.

Avocados: A great source of Vitamins C, E and B as well as potassium, lutein and high in fibre, an avocado appears in almost every kitchen!  Although they are high in calories with 85% coming from the fat, it’s what we call a “good fat” or mono-saturated, meaning it won’t raise blood cholesterol. If you’re counting, a 100-gram avocado has about 2 grams of protein.  With heart disease prevalent in our family, it has been a wise choice for us to eat avocados regularly.  We enjoy avocados about three times a week either cubed and mixed into a vegetable salad or mashed into a guacamole as a side dish or snack. I must say, for me it has been an acquired taste experiment after many attempts over the years to include it into my diet, and finally, the avocado and I have now become friends!

Did you know that when cutting into the thick skin of a melon you are potentially dragging into the flesh a list of contaminants?  Invest in a vegetable brush or soak your produce in a sink of cold water and with a gentle rub with your hands, the bacteria should wash away. The vegetables washes that are sold in stores are not recommended.  A nice long bath of cold water will do!! 

Here’s a great link that might be helpful.

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If you made it all the way to this spot, I am grateful and hope that you have come away with a little something you didn’t know earlier!  Ultimately, this is my goal…to share knowledge  and experience, and to dispense hope, inspiration and motivation to live  holistically.

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