La Luz Light Monthly Newsletter: May 2017

Photo Credit:  Francesco Panceri, Avezzano, Italia

Vol 1. Iss. 2:  May 2017

I am so excited to offer my second newsletter from La Luz Therapy, and over the moon that you have come back for more!  I am humbled and grateful for your interest and this medium that allows instant and easy sharing of information and musings. As with the first issue, I will continue with the seven sections representing the seven chakras and how we can keep them balanced and energized for our highest good. What has changed however, is that rather than one long newsletter of 3000 words, I have split them into seven sections (see links below) so that you can read as separate mini blogs.  I may love writing endlessly, but not everyone enjoys endless text. Additionally, changing up the design of the  La Luz Light page to make it easier to find articles of interest was something that was overdue.  So, as I promised, I am tweaking my offering to you as we go along this journey together. 

As I grow on my own spiritual journey, I realize something new about me every day.  Fully aware, I see, hear, feel, even taste signs to move forward or stop and examine. Like many, I notice the signs and as I believe that nothing in this loving Universe is random, I heed the feelings these signs vibrate in me.  It is in these moments where I grow a little more and that ultimately helps me serve my community better.  This does not require endless hours in meditation or prayer, but these signs appear randomly throughout the day, and I literally take a moment to see what they are drawing my attention to.  Sometimes, I get nothing, but other times, I feel that tug to move in another direction, or become inspired to take some action. For many, these signs are coincidences or irrelevant, or just random moments, but for others, they are teachable moments and believe that they are Divinely guided.Whichever group you ascribe to, that is your journey and you should honor it.

Happy reading!
Love and Light

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