La Luz Light Newsletter May 2017: Cosmic Trends

Photo Credit:  F. Panceri, Avezzano, Italia

Cosmic Trends: Sensing the Energies That Support Us (Third-Eye Chakra)

The Rooster is dominating 2017 energies with its “get going early” mantra since it arrived on January 20th.  In addition to that, we are in a Number 1 vibrational year (2017 adds up to 1 for  new beginnings - see my post from January.). So, as we just left fiery Aries which brought us courage and empowerment to act on what needs to be done on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and hard-working Taurus arriving on April 20th, we all have the cosmos conspiring for us to “get things done!!” Spring cleaning your physical environment while spring cleansing your body and spirit are up front and center.  Hard working Taurus is adding it’s “never stop ’til it’s done” attitude and makes way for talkative and resourceful Gemini to begin it’s visit on May 20th.

As we are still basking in the energies of the New Moon of April 26th when it fell in Taurus, it is bringing a brand new energy typical of the sign.  This was a refreshing change from all of the retrogrades recently causing us to go around in circles and getting less done as expected.  Taurus brings it's let's-roll-up-our-sleeves energy, and although changes won't be swift, they will happen.  Subtle, is always the way in these things!

The Full Moon is in Scorpio on May 10th, and according to Native American lore it is called the Flower Moon. They were named to highlight the time of year, and to help them keep track of when things needed to get done! The Arapaho Indians called this Full Moon, "when the ponies shed their shaggy hair". Who needs a calendar??!  Scorpio, however adds its own natural characteristics of sexuality, romance, and perhaps a little misbehaving as well! So add a little romance and stay out of trouble is the message here!!  Enjoy!

Stay tuned for next month’s energies and how they can work for you….no matter what your zodiac sign is.  Don’t forget to get your FREE color astrological birth chart wheel to learn more details about your placements by visiting Astrolabe.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday to all of you Taurus and Gemini born in May!