La Luz Light Newsletter May 2017: Books that Inspire

Photo Credit:  Pixabay

BOOKS THAT INSPIRE: Empowering Yourself (Solar Plexus Chakra)

As you learned last month, I love books!  Sharing with you some of my favourites to help inspire you to action, or to more self love, or lead you to write your own, is very important to me. When I get a tidbit of information, I just can’t wait to share it with friends, family and yes, everyone on social media.  The easiest and fastest way to deliver information is clearly though this medium and I take every opportunity to use it.  I am like a little kid, always in awe of new and exciting information.  I must have been the town crier in a previous life!

Empowerment, self-esteem and courage are just a few of the attributes that sit in the solar plexus. By reading books of many genres, opens the door to imagining  what is possible, or considering if you find yourself at a crossroads.

My choices this month include the following eye-opening, heart-stopping, and awe-inspiring reads that will leave you changed in one way or another.

Conversations with God, Book One: An Uncommon Dialogue by Neale Donald Walsch burst onto the book scene in 1995. It was received with much skepticism, misunderstandings and  threats of book burning ceremonies. And then there were those who called it their "new bible", and it changed their lives. I read this book in 2007 when I met a man who would change my life. He was reading the French translation and just couldn't put it down. He bought me Book 1 in English which I read inside of a week. I bought the follow ups, Book 2 and Book 3. This was the book that opened my heart, my mind and my spirit to the possibility -  no the reality, that more is in my control than I ever believed.  It is a book like no other and has the power to raise you to a new understanding that God is indeed everywhere and speaks to you if you are open to listening. Be open!

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers is another book that affected me the first time I read it, and the second, and the third! A lifetime of conditioning, culture and other factors can contribute to developing fearfulness that stops you in your tracks every time you want to attempt something different. Fear of judgment, or ridicule can paralyze you from stepping out of your comfort zone. Feeling safe in staying small for some is the better alternative than revealing your true authentic self. "What if they laugh at me when I....."! "What if they stop loving me if I..." The techniques presented by Jeffers to take little steps each day can be life-changing and put you on that path to take action and what others think is, in the end, none of your business and has nothing to do with you! I hope that it does not take you a lifetime to learn how awesome and unique you are, and that the world needs your kind of special! Just do it!!

Now for something a little lighter like The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  I read this book about 4 years ago and what I loved best is Rubin's sense of humour and keeping techniques, suggestions, and recommendations light! The author writes: “The days are long, but the years are short,” she realized. “Time is passing, and I’m not focusing enough on the things that really matter.” It was in this moment of inspiration that she decided to take a year long journey dedicated to researching and chronicling her attempts at answering questions. Some include - what is happiness? how can it be achieved? will it cost me anything?  She decided to make happiness a priority in her life and in the life of her family.  Not all activities may resonate but mostly this book has confirmed to me that you can indeed find happiness in every moment, and it's not that difficult!  Although the reviews are not that favourable if you check with Goodreads, but it has resonated with many who continue to purchase her follow-up books on the subject.  The point is, taking a little or a lot from any book, as I said in my first newsletter, is what the journey is all about.  You take what you need, ruminate, apply, and then move on to the next book.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing
- Benjamin Franklin