La Luz Light Newsletter May 2017: Release Your Inner Creator

Photo Credit: Pixabay

RELEASE YOUR INNER ARTIST: Creating Your Life from the Inside Out (Sacral Chakra)

Last month we touched on the subject that we are all creators, and manifesting a life we desire is in our control. This is a concept that for many is very difficult to grasp. Feeling that you have no control over your life leads to depression, substance abuse, destructive emotions and more. Understanding that you are always in control by simply examining the situation from a distance will bring you closer to reversing some of these negative reactions. 

I believe that there is a solution for everything if we examine it from all angles. Have your hissy-fit if it makes you feel better that you didn't get that job, or the guy or the girl. God knows, I've had my share.  Honor your feelings.  Love what comes up.  What?  Yes!  If you haven't heard that term before, loving whatever occurs in your life is step one to examining, accepting,  re-routing, re-charting and moving forward. There is a lesson in everything! Don't you love it?? 

Here are some considerations to help you create the life you love!!

  1. Regularly visualizing your end-goal is one of the techniques to elevate your vibration to that of your objective. See your life as you would like it to be is the quickest way to achieve your goals.  Believe that you are already living the life of your dreams. Do your part by working hard at it every single day! It may not happen overnight, but watch for subtle shifts that overtime will have amounted to a whole lot of something!
  2. Holding gratitude comes a very close second.  When we practice gratitude regularly for all that we have and for all that is on its way, we again, raise the vibrations to match all you desire. Being satisfied with what you already have is essential to receiving more abundance.
  3. Meditate! Meditate! Meditate! Whatever gives you a few moments, or more of peace, calm and quiet every day is always a good thing. Grab your coloring pencils and coloring book, make some tea, light a few candles and voilĂ   - an instant oasis. Take a walk around the block if you don't have any green space. Start with 10 minutes and you will soon feel that you want more! Breathe in some enriching prana to invigorate your mind, body and soul.  Book your me-time in your smartphone and don't skip it!
  4. Place your hands on your sacral chakra - it's that spot just under your belly button. Think about what you love most to do.  See if you can get a sense of what passions drive you that you are perhaps missing,  We are all intuitive and you don't need a psychic or palm reader to tell you.Trust yourself.
  5. Try to resonate with the color orange to help balance your sacral chakra.  Although our energy wheels do not have a color per se but they have been attributed one of the colors of the rainbow to help us identify and attach meaning to that center. They say wearing more of the color of the chakra you wish to energize or balance is helpful.  Eating more orange-colored foods is another way of lifting your spirits.  This is one of the concepts practiced in color therapy!  Give it a try!
See you next month when we will cover more about healing, balancing and energizing your sacral chakra and releasing that inner creator that you are!

Remember: "Energy flows where your focus goes" - Wayne Dyer