La Luz Light Newsletter - July 2017 Cosmic Trends

Photo Credit:  Pixabay

Cosmic Trends

Sensing the Energies that Support Us

Summer is but a few weeks old but once the sun begins to gently kiss our skin leaving that familiar pink glow, the warmth that seems to sink deep into our soul, we instantly think about all the summers gone by and how joyful this season makes us feel. The memory of our last winter quickly melts away as it is replaced by the loving rays from this wondrous ball of fire in our galaxy and how we would die without it.

July is also the season of Cancer and Leo. While Cancer, a water sign symbolized by the crab carries   tender-hearted and family oriented traits with that tough exterior with a jelly belly, Leo, a fire sign, symbolized by the fierce lion can be warm and passionate with a very keen wit.

Notably, July 9th will see a Full Moon in hard working and down-to-earth Capricorn.  It is also referred to as the Buck Moon as it is during this time that the buck’s antlers are fully grown.  Additionally, the full moon in July is also called the Thunder Moon due to thunderstorms that regularly form during this time.

Some astrologers are calling this moon an “ice breaker” as it could potentially be a time when we need to purge what no longer fills our life with joy, love and peace.  Capricorn energy always brings hard, but important work to take care of.  Although there has been a re-occurring theme since January 1 being a 1 vibrational year (learn more here), the work continues. One years are filled with so much potential and opportunities but we need to make space by removing what no longer works in our personal life, career, family and love life.  This is not an easy task, so safe to say, this year will require balance and time for meditation and reflection. At La Luz Therapy, we offer reiki treatments as well as regularly scheduled Healing Song Meditation Circles to serve the community during various energy fluctuations.

July’s New Moon in Leo will come around on the 23rd just as the sun in Leo appears.  This phase is all about family, how we interact with one another, how we feel about our ancestors, and the “tribe” we belong to, and the “why can’t we all get along” theme prevails.  On the coat-tails of Capricorn’s energy of working hard on ourselves, Leo, picks up the mantle and marches forward to the sound of its own roar!  Long lost family members can return to the clan, or family/tribe dynamics can change – for better or worse but remember, it is all there to teach lessons to everyone involved as we move forward on our path. If we need to let go, then do that.  If we need to stay and nurture, then do that. We should be gentle with ourselves, not force any reaction from others and always take a step back if moments get heated. The Cancer sun will be supportive here.  Being reflective about the issues at hand, holding non-judgmental views and holding space for those who need a compassionate heart are the prescriptions for this period.

July is the 7th month of the year and to put it into perspective, 2017 is more than half way done. This year one vibration is making room for what is coming in year 2, 2018.When you work with the energies and go with the flow, rather than treat them as obstacles, great things happen. The energy that surrounds us is undeniable.  As the moon moves the ocean waves on its singular whim, as the magnetic field that surrounds our planet keeps us from hurling into nothingness, keeps its gentle tilt, and movements steady, we – you and me, are part of it all.

Stay tuned for next month’s energies and how they can work for you….no matter what your zodiac sign is.  Don’t forget to get your FREE color astrological birth chart wheel to learn more details about your placements by visiting Astrolabe.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday to all of you Cancer and Leo born in July! See you in August for more fun from the stars!!