La Luz Light Newsletter - June 2017

Watercolor:  Francesco Panceri, Avezzano, Italy

Vol 1. Iss. 3: June 2017

Welcome to June 2017!

Do you find yourself alone while you delve deeper and experience spirituality more wholly? Do you look over your shoulder when entering a yoga studio or holistic center, or quickly browse through a metaphysical shop in fear someone you know will see you there? Do the people in your life openly or secretly speak of their concerns or discomfort over your chosen path, or are you seeing them with a new set of eyes?

I will be the first to tell you that choosing to be “awake” can be a very lonely path if you are not supported by like-minded people or at the very least, those who are not judgmental and “let you be”. Once you do choose to open your eyes and heart to understanding the various subjects in spirituality, you can’t undo that. You can’t un-know what you now know. It changes everything when you look beyond the veil and feel with every cell of your being that there is “more out there” than what our physical senses can experience. That changes you! Most people don’t like change, especially when they see it in close friends. It often reveals mysteries about themselves that they would rather keep hidden and want everything to go back to the way it was. It is in these moments when it is revealed that looking for your “tribe” is essential to your particular journey.

Every soul’s journey is valid, and every lifetime is a rung on the ladder to fulfilling the physical, emotional, mental experiences to eventually return to Spirit. Read on as I explain the importance of this sometimes-lonely journey that opens you up slowly, but deliberately, like an onion to get to the core of who YOU really are.

“You consist of spirit and soul and body.” – The Apostle Paul, 1 Thessalonians 5:23

NB: I will be taking a short pause to participate in activities to bring about higher awareness of, and further alignment with my personal journey. See you again for a revised format of our newsletter September 1st. I will continue however to write Cosmic Trends so that you can align with the supportive energies from July through August!

Happy reading,
Love and Light

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