La Luz Light Newsletter June 2017: Cosmic Trends

Photo Credit: Pixabay (PD)

Cosmic Trends: Sensing the Energies That Support Us

As the season would dictate, Spring is a time of renewal, seeding, rolling up your sleeves and cleaning things up. I recently dug out some old perennials that had seen better days….Note to self….do lots of stretching before attempting garden work! Ouch! Not only did my garden receive a well-needed workout and reboot, so did my body! See how things just flow and are aligned with Mother Nature and all of her wisdom? It was not only a reminder to weed and clean the garden, and plant new and fresh life, but a reminder to do the same for my body and mind. The energies in Spring are very powerful and even if you don’t feel up to doing the heavy lifting, you may be enticed to visit a nursery and choose a colorful bloom for your window box.

June 21st welcomes Summer in the Northern Hemisphere while this marks the beginning of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Wherever you are on the globe, you are experiencing a new energy. For most people this means winding down their “spring” cleaning, bringing out the patio furniture and firing up the barbeque.

We are also in Gemini energy until Cancer crawls in on the 20th. As Gemini is an Air sign, the energies are quick-moving like a summer breeze or assaulting hurricane winds. Whatever your sign, you may spend most of the time during this period in your head thinking, talking, planning, strategizing, talking some more, changing your mind and starting from scratch. Did I mention talking! The twins are known for their mental capacity so whether you are one, know one, aspire to be one, or are just living for 30 days in this energy, I predict stuff will get done. The foundations poured under your feet at this time will ground and cement your ideas but allow just enough tethering to soar above your imagination and create the life you desire. This energy also encourages you to connect with potential business or romantic partners as the “twins” typically dislike being alone. “Life is better lived as two” should be their motto! You may also feel that playful, and child-like, so enjoy this energy while it lasts, and until it gives a turn to the slow and steady Crab later in the month!

June 9th will welcome the Full Moon in Sagittarius, also commonly known as the Strawberry Full Moon. Or as the Omaha Indians like to call it “the moon when the buffalo bulls hunt the cows”. The Algonquins, like all Native Americans did not use conventional calendars. They tracked the changing seasons and the moon cycles so they knew what Mother Nature intended, so this was the time to pick ripening strawberries and watch buffalo do their thing! The fire sign of Sagittarius adds some spark to the overall energies but also optimism, expansiveness and new experiences – because that’s how the Sag rolls! So, embrace this full moon!

June 23rd will see a New Moon in Cancer while in the same sun sign! As Cancer is all about home, family, communities and gathering that uplift and support, it’s a great time to plan an event. Whether you are planning to connect with family, friends or community, the energies around this time will allow everyone to feel warm and fuzzy whether at a backyard summer party or larger venue. So, kick off those flip flops, plant your feet in the grass or sand, grab a beer or lemon-mint water and enjoy!

Stay tuned for next month’s energies and how they can work for you….no matter what your zodiac sign is. Don’t forget to get your FREE color astrological birth chart wheel to learn more details about your placements by visiting Astrolabe.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday to all of you Gemini and Cancer born in June!